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Embraced in warmth,relaxed and ready for rest.

A brand new shower system. Water like a warm cloak. The feeling of a warm bath, in a shower. This is the power of the WARM SPA. A single pillar of warm water running quietly from the showerhead. When water hits the body, it follows the curves and envelops it without a splash. A completely new shower experience, warming your body efficiently.

Control the waters flow.

Utilizing a unique interior structure, the flow of water is controlled to provide a smoother shower.
Let no heat escape. Be warmer.
Smooth water release means less heat loss. The water cloaks your body, quickly warming it. This feature is now available not only in conventional over head showers, but hand showers too.

That Quality : Only TOTO

The image depicts how the body warms up. The red area shows the warm parts of the body. Compared to conventional showers, it is evident that the WARM SPA warms the body more efficiently.
Conventional Shower

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