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Enjoy the Luxury to the Fullest, TOTO Brings You a Smart Trip

Date: 2018.06.08 | Exhibition Info

On June 5, 2018, TOTO unveils at the 23rd China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo (hereafter referred to as CIKB 2018). TOTO not only shows the audience some brand-new smart sanitary products, new ideas and new designs this time, but also offers a “SMART TRIP” - a trip of wisdom.

As a representative of TOTO’s high-end smart products, the Neorest collection has always been the star product at the CIKB. From the elegant and noble styling to the humanized smart experience, the Neorest toilet is like a piece of art that graces the entire space. TOTO exhibits the recently launched Neorest toilet AH, RH, and DH, which are soft and elegant, or simple and chic, offering more choices for your space. Functionally, the Neorest toilet is still exemplary, in addition to automatic open & close, flushing and other functions, super swirl, cefiontect, spraying before using the toilet, non-edge inner wall design and other functions are all readily available. The Neorest NX toilet even has the AcTilight and sanitizing functions, which promote the sanitation standard to a new level.

With the rise of the “smart toilet seat”, WASHLET products have become a standard norm in modern life. As the forerunner of the “smart toilet seat,” TOTO once again leads and introduces new WASHLET+ products. WASHLET+ is a new collection made up of toilet and WASHLET. Different from the traditional exposed WASHLET installation line and water pipe, the WASHLET+ collection “hides” these components that affect artistically; and this improvement will undoubtedly bring a new standard of comfortability and cleanness to your daily life. “Smart collaboration, sanitary experience” is a combination of three innovative toilet technologies. Cleaning has ultra-smooth ceramic surface that makes dirt difficult to remain.

“Flotation tub” displays TOTO’s latest sanitary technology. It adopts a brand-new “ZERO DIMENSION” technology, with the help of buoyancy of water to make the bathers feel in a very stable floating state, like traveling in space. People can clear all the thoughts in their brain at this time, just like meditating. The new tub displayed at the expo is a continuation of the design philosophy of the “flotation tub”. Through the unique technology, it can analyze and capture human body’s movement mechanism and activity state in water, allowing human body to bathe in water in a comfortable and natural posture.

The new basin cabinet launched by TOTO this time is designed to be classical or modern, displaying humanized design to the fullest. With a sloping basin, you can easily store water to wash small pieces of clothing. The pull-out water tap makes it easy for you to switch water scenarios freely. The mirror cabinet design is also very humanized, providing a variety of storage space to place all kinds of daily necessities in different sizes. The genuine good product means to start from the perspective of humanity and consider the details in using so that everyone can use it easily and enjoy convenience.

As a leading brand in sanitary life, TOTO has always focused on traveling and looked deep into consumers’ lifestyle, which enabled itself to maintain a close cooperation with designers, developers, and other professionals in the past centuries of corporate history. In recent decades, TOTO products have long been one of the top choices for many international corporate high-end luxury hotel brands. In April this year, the SMART TRIP platform was officially launched. Consumers can participate in this activity through multiple channels each month to win opportunities of checking in high-end hotels for free. With the help of this platform, TOTO aims to allow more consumers to enter these luxury hotels to experience and feel the unique life that is brought by TOTO.

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